Quilt-a-Doodle? Do!!

imagesOne of my most favorite things is quilting on my Handi Quilter!   And one of the most talented quilters I’ve seen is an Australian art quilter.  Helen Godden works on the Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Sit-Down machine, but what she does also applies to the other Handi Quilters, (and even quilting on home sewing machines,) and I love to watch her quilt.

She has a really fun, free video you can watch on Handi Quilter’s website HQ Live called Quilt-a-Doodle-Doo with Helen Godden .  She’s written a coloring book, but not your usual coloring book.  It’s for Quilters, and it’s all adorable animals!  On the video, she shows you all her samples and demonstrates how she fills in the areas of her drawings.  You can download a sample, her adorable rooster part of which is shown below.


After seeing that, I got her DVD and learned 50 different stitches!  We carry the DVD, 50 Styles of Quilting, A32398, and if you’re a quilter-

picture0005whatever way you quilt – you’ll enjoy it too.              Erica

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2 thoughts on “Quilt-a-Doodle? Do!!

  1. Lovely thank you Erica.
    Did you know I am celebrating 10 years this month working with Handi Quilter as their International Sweet Sixteen ambassador. Love Handi Quilter machines and the company and the way they do business as family! Helen Godden

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