We opened our doors in 1974 as a family owned business.  We appreciate all the people who have supported us over all these years.  We all, Erica, Dick, our daughter, Cathy, and son, Bill, look forward to serving you for many years to come.

We have a great staff, both in the store in South Bend, Indiana, and in our Internet Department.  We ship our merchandise all over the world from our website, www.ericas.com .  Please stop by and take a look!

12 thoughts on “About

  1. What’s your email address? I can”t seem to find it. I have a question about a product you sell. Thank you for your help!!

  2. Hello-Just wanted to give you a heads-up that our quilt group from Kalamazoo, MI will be coming to shop on Wednesday, April 15th. There are probably about 12-14 of us and I thought I should warn you! Looking forward to visiting next week!

  3. Probably about 10 or 10:30 EDT–hopefully not much later than that. I have always wanted to visit your store, so I am excited (the newsletter and blog are so inviting!)

    • Thank you. How exciting to have you visit for the first time! I won’t personally be there, after 41 years I get to work at home with my cats most of the time. But my staff is wonderful! Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. (That’s what allows me to stay home.) The only bad part is not seeing people very often.

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely visit my husband and I had on Friday, May 27th. We enjoyed the drive to your shop as well as the pleasant help and conversations. I know I won’t have any problems getting my husband to drive to South Bend again. Next time I will be prepared to buy even more to add to my collection!

  5. I have two fabric packets to make two little wall hangings, I think. But now I can’t find the book that gives the directions! I’m sure it’s old and I can’t find it on your web site. Can you help? I have two numbers that may mean something. The winter packet says Every season quilt winter 31176 and #491. The other packet says, Every season quilt autumn..31175 #490. Thanks for your help, I’d really like to.make them. My e mail is ccarne2@verizon.net.

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