It’s 2017!

We hope your 2017 is a happy, safe, and healthy year!  And we hope you have time to do the things that bring you joy!

Take for instance, Bernie!  He joyfully receives a tummy rub!bernie

Cagney happily cat naps on one of my current projects!cagney

Lacy does the same!lacy

Please take a look at our newsletter.    We have lots of photos, (even some of people!) and our class schedule for this winter season.

There are specials on our sewing and quilting machines included.  We have something new,  “Fill My Machine Embroidery Bag,” that you might be interested in if you’re a “Happy Hooper.”  There’s also a new feature for hand embroiderers and wool lovers  called “Wooly Words,” from Cathy Mark.   And there’s lots more to look at.


On Thursday, January 12th, our Quilts of Valor sewing group is meeting, and I’ll be teaching a free class on the “hot dog” method of making a presentation case, which is used to present the Quilts to veterans.  The same method is used to make pillow cases for a Case for Smiles that we take to the children’s oncology wards at local hospitals.  I’ll have instruction sheets detailing sizes and all the steps.  We invite anyone to come join us, at around 10am.  Bring your own fabric or get some here.  Bring your sewing machine and sewing supplies, or just come and watch and find out about our Group.


But we’re in that “iffy” time of year now, where the weather could be a problem, so if there’s any question at all, call the store before you come to any of the classes you sign up for.   574-233-3112.


If you can’t come on January 12th and want to do the cases. join me for a regular class on January 24th, in the first of my “Just for Fun” sewing series classes.  Details are in our class schedule.

If you enjoy the cat pictures, as many sew-ers do, be sure to take a look at pages 15 and 16 of our newsletter, and send me your own Crafter Kitty photos.

Again, Happy New Year to all, and thanks for reading our blog.     Erica

We’re Back!

It’s been a long time since we’ve written here!  You know how you sometimes really have good intentions, but you just don’t make it happen?  I have the same situation with exercising.  I was never lucky enough to find any exercise I enjoyed.  Several years ago, I discovered I could watch Sue Hausmann in my netbook while I walked on the treadmill, and I even went longer than my target time, to see the end of her show,  America Sews!

Unfortunately, my best laid plans to continue with exercising went by the wayside.

As did posts on this blog!

So now I’m walking on the treadmill again, (still watching sewing and quilting shows on my iPad as I go,) and getting back to our blog posts!  I’ve been promised help, which is good anyway, because that way we have more of a variety of topics.  Look for us about every two weeks.

This one is a short one, brought about by forgetting my own tip!  I wanted to pre-wash something I was working on for Quilts of Valor.  (We have QoV Sew Days at the shop on second Thursdays of the month starting at 10am- everyone welcome!)  Anyway, I just threw the fabric in the washer and dryer, and this is what I got!20160725_134143

Please read my tip in a previous post on how to prevent this from happening!

Agadget-cushionnd for my fellow cat lovers, here’s a phone photo of my beautiful Cagney, sister to Lacy.  The phone’s propped up on my Gadget Cushion, 909270.  More about that next time I write.


(To find an item or event on our web page after clicking on the highlighted words, hold down the “Ctrl” key and touch F. Enter the item number in the box, press enter, and you’ll be taken to that item.)

Did you know that you can see what’s new at Erica’s almost every day??  Karen does a great job of updating that page every time she adds something.  Sometimes it’s brand new fabric, books, tools, accessories or yarn, and sometimes it’s what just went up on our Rummage Page or Bargain Ends of Bolts.  Sometimes it’s something that we expect in soon that you can pre-order.   Any page of our website has a column on the left that tells you where to find things, and all you have to do is look for “New Items” in purple, and click to find out!  Many people have told us they bookmark that page, so they’re always up to date!

Look at them Glow!

A20396b[1]As careful as I might be when I’m cutting strips, especially the whole width of the fabric (about 21”), my ruler might slip! Well, I’ve been using the Quilter’s Slidelock rulers for a few months, and now I can hardly cut without them! (A20396-A20398)

What is different about these is that when you press down, little rubber feet come down and really hold your fabric securely! Sharon (the designer,) calls these the retractable cutting system. You can see Sharon demonstrate the magic of the Slidelocks here. Since I have been cutting with two rulers for a long time, I had no learning curve. (See my information sheet on cutting with two rulers here.)

DSC00936There are two kinds and sizes: clear and lighted, in 14” and 24” lengths. I started off thinking I could manage with just the longer one. It wasn’t very long, until I got the 14” one. I just don’t want to cut without them! As for clear or lighted? I use the lighted ones because I don’t have too much light over my cutting table. The fluorescent green shows up against any color fabric and the edge really shows up. Here they are, sitting on my cutting table. (And of course, here’s Bernie, where he shouldn’t be! That bowl is the one we use to feed our smallest kitty, and we usually guard her bowl until she’s finished.)

DSC00938These Slidelocks aren’t actually lighted by batteries, but it almost looks like it. I happened to notice after I turned my lights off in the studio, how they glow with just the reflected light from the bedroom. Look at them glow!

(To find an item or event on our web page after clicking on the highlighted words, hold down the “Ctrl” key and touch F. Enter the item number in the box, press enter, and you’ll be taken to that item.)

You can see What’s New at Erica’s almost every day! Any page of our website has a column on the left that tells you where to find things, and all you have to do is look for “New Items” in purple, and click to find out.

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello there!!! We would like to welcome you to our blog!!! First, let’s tell you a little bit about ourselves. Erica is a real person, and she is involved in all aspects of the store. Erica’s Craft & Sewing Center is a family owned and operated small business located in South Bend, Indiana. We carry a wide variety of items including beautiful cotton quilting fabrics, luscious yarns, craft kits for children, gorgeous beads and findings, more patterns than anyone could ever dream of completing, and a multitude of self help crafting and sewing videos and tutuorials.

We have a website, which you can access to view and order anything we carry in the store. We can also try to special order items that you don’t see on our website. If it is available, we do our best to order it for you! We pride ourselves on doing our best to give everyone the best customer service around, and fair shipping rates, too. We don’t like to pay high shipping rates either, so we charge actual shipping costs plus a $1.00 handling fee, no matter what the size or destination of the order.

If you are a local customer, you can stop in to see our extensive selection of sewing and quilting machines. We carry sewing machines, embroidery machines, sergers and quilting frames and we’re authorized dealers/representatives for Husqvarna Viking, Bernina, and HandiQuilter and we’d love to show you the fantastic things these machines can do.