Happy Mother’s Day! Hint

Thanks to all mothers for all that you do.

This is a hint I got from Sharon Williams of Quilter’s Slidelock, (fantastic addition to rulers!)  Most of us have several rulers at our cutting mat.  They aren’t usually easy to pick up.  That’s especially true with my favorite, our little “Erica’s ruler.”   (45153)

Handle 1

The simple home-made handle syou see in the photos do the trick.  Use electrical tape!  Did you know it comes in lots of colors?  Purple happened to fit into my color scheme nicely, so that’s what mine have.  handle

Now I don’t have to use my finger nails or struggle to pick them up.

Do you have some hints to share?

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And Here Are Some More of Our Favorite Things…

Cathy and Shirley are important “behind the scenes” ladies, although you’ll see them in the main areas of the store, too. cathymark

Cathy does email newsletters, decorates windows, makes vendor appointments, books shows, goes to Quilt Market, and a whole lot more. She loves knitting (and does Knitters Notes for our quarterly newsletter,) and is our wool expert.takumi

  Cathy’s favorite knitting needles are the Takumi bamboo needles, especially the circular ones. “I love the feel of the wood and it grips nicely and warms with touch. I use circulars because I have tendonitis in my wrist & elbow and the circulars are better for that. They also allow me to work larger projects with less arm strain.”

For quilting, “ I love my little Erica’s Ruler.’  I prefer small projects, 45153band collect charm packs and min-charm packs, so the 2-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ is perfect for everything I do!  shirleyfinley

Shirley calls in orders, helps Dick in the office, takes care of our internet clubs, works some of our quilt shows, helps in the cutting department, and all kinds of odds and ends! Shirley’s a quilter, like many of us.

Shirley’s favorite tool is the Gypsy Gripper.   “It helps me 30158bcut accurately. I’m short, and it allows me to put even pressure across the fabric. Without it, my ruler slips while I’m cutting.”

They threw us this Curve!

Quick Curve RulerThe more I see of “modern” quilts, the more I like them. I also love new tools! So this week Lacy and I decided to try the new Quick Curve Ruler (A20118), and make the table runner pattern that comes with it.

LacyShe had the proper reverence for the project, as always.

Chain PiecingShe also agrees with me that when chaining pieces, if you leave a slightly longer chain between them, it’s better than having them touch. That way, the beginning and end stitches don’t come out when you cut the connecting threads with your Gypsy Cutting Gizmo (47319).Table Runner

Table Runner Here it is, not quilted yet, but put together. It was a great project to learn the technique.

There are so many patterns from Sew Kind of Wonderful that use this cool tool, it’s hard to decide which to do next! I’m thinking about Urban Pods…Urban Pods Pattern

Until next time…


Remember, you can see What’s New at Erica’s almost every day! Any page of our website has a column on the left that tells you where to find things, and all you have to do is look for “New Items” in purple, and click to find out.